The best way to know me is to meet me, send me an email! We’ll have a chat and get coffee!

A little intro before you meet me, I graduated from UNSW Art & Design, Australia, with a bachelor of design. I did a lot of travelling and decided to settle here in Glasgow. I have always been a maker and I still love to knit, sew, draw ... well this list might get too long.

I decided I wanted to get into graphic design specifically so I taught myself some coding basics, moved to Glasgow and got a great job in graphic and web design. We tried doing social media marketing and that’s when I decided there is more to design than a pretty picture.

For me, design is about using design thinking and empathy to create something worthwhile. So, I taught myself how to facilitate a design sprint and how to work with clients to create an effective brand strategy.

With these new skills I hope to help clients align their dreams with their customers’ and help clients come up with new ideas. Then I hope to assist in realising these dreams or ideas with concrete strategy. Sound good? Chuck us a message below.